The martian republic of Tenjin.

A New Dawn

Marvelling at the blue-hued sunrise to the east of the capitol, this was Bannerman's favourite time of day. The enormity of Olympus Mons in the distance never failed to inspire the new Governor. This was Bannerman's republic of Tenjin.

Swiftly dismissing the proposed 'infrastructure boost' programme, the legislative council decided on monetary system operations. Discounting an extreme mismatch between system productivity and money creation, republic purchasing that is to take place on the first day of each financial quarter, will continue to match dollar for dollar, the government expenditure of Earth nation, the United States of America (USofA). In time (beginning financial year 2025), republic monetary system operations would extend an interest-bearing safe store of value. Members would have their short-term financial portfolio choice.

Interesting Times Ahead

Overtures that selected members act as credit creating franchisees grew louder every day. This both excited and perturbed Bannerman to his core. Aware implementation of credit franchise operations would affect republic decision-making dynamics, the governor was keen to think this one through. Still, can't turn back now.

Best plough on.